Murder at Attapur in day light..Public and police watched like spectators

Hyderabad: In what seems to be a carefully planned murder, a gang of four murdered victim, identified as Ramesh, on Attapur main road near pillar number 143. The signal is one of the most crowded places in Attapur, with traffic police present at all times during the day. However, none of the onlookers were able to aid the victim who kept shouting for help.

The murder footage was recorded in a CCTV camera. The murderers seemed to be a gang of four, who attacked the victim with an axe. Shortly after the murder, they lingered on at the spot for a few moments during which the gang threatened the crowd with staffs. They escaped from the spot on bikes, soon after.

The victim, Ramesh, was identified as one the prime accused in the ongoing murder case of Mahesh Goud in Shamshabad. The murder was planned by Goud’s relatives and was executed shortly after Ramesh was returning home from a court hearing.

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