This Is Shokcing! See What Happens With Body Of Hijras After Their Death

The world of kinners is different from the common man in every sense. Only a small number of people have found information about the kinners. Separate their world, their customs and rites are equally different. Today we are going to tell you that when a kidney dies, then what is done with his /herdead body? How is his funeral done?

The funeral of the kinars is kept confidential. Exactly from other religions, the final journey of kinnars is brought out in the night instead of day.

The funeral of the kinners is done by hiding from non-kinners. According to their belief, if a common man sees the funeral of some kind, then the person who dies will be born again in the form of sheer.


though they believe many traditions of Hindu religion, but their dead body is not burnt. His body is buried

Before the funeral, the body is beaten with shoes and slippers. It is said that all sins committed in that life are atoned for.

After someone’s death in their community, they are not ready for the next one week.

You will be surprised to know that the Kinners Society does not mourn after the death of any of its members. The reason behind this is that after death, she got rid of life from hell.

After death, they commemorate their happiness and ask their ardent god Aravan not to make the person Hijra in his/her next life.

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