What Rashmi said about Marriage with Sudheer?

Anchor Rashmi Gautam appeared on Facebook Live to promote her upcoming flick ‘Next Nuvve’. Netizens tested her patience with objectionable questions and comments during this live chat session.

When a netizen commented that ‘Next Nuvve’ is gonna be flop, Rashmi replied the fate of a movie can’t be decided by a single individual. ‘If you wish to see my film end up as flop, Then best of luck. Better to avoid negative thinking,’ she replied.

Responding to the rude comments on her no make-up look, The Anchor make it clear that it’s up to her to decide how she should appear & she isn’t gonna change her decisions for anyone. She fumed at the haters saying people who are incapable of placing their photo as display picture are commenting on her make-up.

To the query how could she act in a Telugu film without being able to speak the language properly, Rashmi informed that she was born and brought up in Vizag though her Mother is from Orissa and Father is from UP. ‘I studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya where regional languages weren’t taught and prominence is for Hindi. Don’t judge people based on language, region & caste,’ she advised.

Rumours about the romantic relationship between Anchor Rashmi Gautham & ‘Jabardasth’ fame Sudigali Sudheer have been in circulation since some time. On the talk about marriage with Sudigali Sudheer, Rashmi clarified: ‘People keep asking Me about it. But, We are good friends professionally. We are working together for Jabardasth and Dhee apart from hosting many events. It’s unfair to assume there is something between us just because we remain close while shooting. Episodes of Sudheer are funny and exciting. By next February, ‘Jabardasth’ will complete 5 years. I am travelling with Sudheer, Chandra, Prakash and Ram Prasad since five years. We connect well due to the same age group’.

Source: tupaki.com

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